NEO cat bed & scratcher

Legowisko drapak Neo

springy corrugated cardboard    (scc)

Legowisko drapak Neo

NEO is the first cat bed & scratcher that behaves as if the corrugated cardboard that NEO is made from was springy. It looks fragile although it is durable and reliable.
Cats immediately experience its highly comfort and they choose only NEO.

Legowisko drapak Neo
drapak dla kota, legowisko dla kota
drapak dla kota, legowisko dla kota

NEO 1     73 x 37 cm

drapak dla kota, legowisko dla kota

NEO 2     73 x 53 cm

drapak dla kota, legowisko dla kota

NEO 3     73 x 70 cm

drapak dla kota, legowisko dla kota

The cat beds & scratchers made from corrugated cardboard have long been approved by our cats. Cats are scratching them passionately and rest on them with a great pleasure.
The NEO cat bed & scratcher is an attempt to address the question whether there still is anything that may let our feline friends to love them even more?

After many months of work, dozens designs and tests conducted the NEO was created.
NEO has the most essential features of the cat bed & scratcher made from a corrugated cardboard. NEO has a larger lying and scratching surface but above all it has this unique feature that we called SCC (Springy Corrugated Cardboard).
For the first time the cat bed & scratcher made from corrugated cardboard behaves like the cardboard was elastic.

Cats observe immediately that a use of NEO delivers them much more pleasure.
NEO is not stiff as its previous prototypes. NEO, in contrary, adjusts to the shape of the cat's body so that a weight of a cat is more evenly distributed over the larger surface.
Your pet will immediately feel it as a significant improvement of lying and scratching comfort.

NEO has a simple shape that matches every interior.

NEO seems to be delicate. In fact it is extremely robust and reliable.

In any case it can be rolled up easily without any extra work.

It is worthy of note, that when using NEO the cat bed surface becomes even more comfortable.

It is made of the corrugated cardboard that cats love it.

NEO is the first product from a large products line that within no time we are going to launch on the market. You will expect the variety of dimensions and versions with different appearance and even better comfort.

The SCC system is patented and its new patented features are not only related to the NEO product but also to the subsequent versions of cat beds & scratchers equipped with this system.

Cats, that have conducted the tests of the NEO cat bed & scratcher, fall in love with NEO from the very first contact. We are absolutely convinced that your pets will love it as well.

Photographs made by customers

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