Cat Tower Inka

It is more than a cat furniture. It is a cat architecture.
Amazing large and comfortable villa with an exit to a roof terrace.
Also accessible by a comfortable staircase that can be used as the scratcher.
Visually delicate, however in fact it surprises with stiffness and stress-resistance. You will be also very surprised by its durability and robustness.
Just in few minutes without any tools it is ready to use.

Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower
Cat Tower

Our first product is the CAT TOWER INKA. Our fainthearted cat named Inka convinced us that the TOWER was a good piece of cat furniture. Assembled by us, the first TOWER prevented Inka from hiding under the bed. She immediately found out that the cardboard house with its little windows provided both a feeling of security and an excellent observation point for her at the same time.


    To assemble the TOWER you need only your hands and your knee. There are even no traditional screws. All parts are joined together by means of Velcro strips as in shoes or jackets.


    You will be surprised how quick the TOWER could be assembled. The record holders accomplished the task in just three minutes.


    Similarly as in bridge structures we have joined the TOWER components into triangular units. This design provides a high level of rigidity although the whole construction is visually and in fact light.


    The TOWER may be used by all types of domestic cats – small and large, quiet and energetic. It is perfect for old and sick pets that have difficulty with climbing traditional TOWER scratchers. Three diagonally positioned shelves form some sort of a staircase that enables your cats to go up and down.


    The CAT TOWER INKA is made of materials that are usually used in production of premium TOWER scratchers. These materials are plywood that provides durability and rigidity, sisal mats - for scratching and soft carpets - for lying. There is also high class corrugated cardboard – you will be surprised how durable it is.


    Located at the top of the TOWER, the VILLA INKA is large enough for two cats of medium size at least. Similarly as for the roof, the VILLA INKA is purposely made of high class corrugated cardboard. As we know, our pet cats love staying in cardboard boxes. Being lightweight, corrugated cardboard allows us to locate an exceptionally large room relatively high while the whole construction still remains stable and light. Do not worry that your cat sometimes chews on cardboard. The cardboard that we make the Tower of is highly durable. If damaged, the walls in our VILLA could be quite easily replaced at relatively low cost.


    Both parts of the product have been designed to enable you to replace them with another version of the VILLA or another version of the TOWER.
    If you find our product attractive, we will extend it into a large system enabling you to develop your whole room into the cat's playground.


    Examination of the patent clearance has proved that the CAT TOWER INKA is a novelty on a global scale.


Tower weight: 25 kg
Tower and packaging weight: 28 kg

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